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Customer Details / Enrollment /Registration

1. Is it a must to enroll / register as a customer?

a. Yes, we only service those customers who have enrolled and registered. Information collected is absolutely necessary to serve you. Your information is safe and private.

2. Does it cost me to be enrolled as a customer? Are there any hidden fees or charges on enrollment / registration?

a. There is no cost at all. Enrollment / Registration are FREE.

3. Do I need to agree to the terms and conditions in order to get your service? 

a. Yes, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions.

My Information

4. Is your website secure for me to enroll / register / raise a service request or view my status? 

a. Yes, data is secured through encryption. Please see the site characteristics and verify certificates.

5. Why do you need my information?

a. We only require information that is absolutely necessary to serve you.

6. Is my information safe?

a. Yes, your information is safe and secure.

7. Is my information open to public?

a. No, At Estategard employees can see only on restrictive and need basis.

Commitment / Cancellation

8. Am I committed? Can I cancel my enrollment / registration at anytime?

a. You are not committed and you can cancel at anytime.

Service Requests

9. Will I be able to raise service requests as soon as I enroll / register as a customer?

a. Yes.



10. Why should I provide you this information? Can we trust EstateGard?

a. We need this information to service your property. We truly believe your concerns. You can trust us.


11. What if I have multiple properties in several cities do you still need my information?

a. We only require information that needs to be serviced.

12. Do you serve properties located in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Hyderabad only?

a. At present yes, slowly we will be adding other cities.

13. When will you add other cities?

a. We will add other cities based on demand. If you are interested please contact us and we shall be glad to help you.

14. Do you serve properties located in cities only; does it include vicinity / suburbs?

a. Yes, Cities and its suburbs. Say within the metropolitan city limits or say 50 Km radius.



15. What type of services do you provide?

a. We provide all services that are typically needed to maintain a property.

16. How does the whole process work?

a. Customer Enrolls -> Registers -> Customer Raises Service Requests-> EstateGard Emails Estimate-> Customer Approves -> EstateGard Executes and completes Service-> EstateGard Invoices Customer -> Customer Makes Payments.

17. Do I need a raise a service request every time? 

a. Yes, unless you expressly authorize us to execute recurring jobs/services.

18. Can I see the progress of my Service Request online? 

a. Yes, we intend to provide you real time updates to your service requests. You will have secure access to view the status.

19. Will you include pictures too? 

a. Yes 

Cost, Charges & Estimates

20. Will you provide / send me an estimate so that I can make up my mind?

a. Yes we will email you an estimate of actual expenses against your service request.

21. Will the cost be at market rates or cheaper than that?

a. We provide you the cost estimate that will be competitive.

22. How do you estimate expenses? Will I get a break-up of all expenses?

a. We will send our experts for inspection; they will assess the requirements and report back the cost / expenses to you.

b. Yes you will get a detailed breakup of all costs associated with the service request.

23. Does the estimate represent cost + EstateGard Service Charges?

a. Yes.

24. What is an EstateGard Service charge? How much is it?

a. EstateGard service charge covers site visits. This charge will depend upon the place and number of site visits.

25. Do I need to give any advance payment?

a. The need for Advance payment will depend upon estimated amount, nature of service, periodicity and customer’s settlement process besides prompt payments.


26. How will I send my approval?

a. It is through Email quoting your Service Request. We send you an estimate and you will be guided as how to approve it.

27. Will EstateGard wait for my approval before starting service?

a. Yes. EstateGard will not start service until and unless we get an approval from you expressly.

28. What if I change my mind after approving an estimate?

a. Let us know to stop service; however, you will be liable to pay expenses till that time.

Invoices & Payments:


29. Will I get a final bill / invoice from you?

a. Yes. This will be emailed to you.


30. How can I make payments?

a. You have a choice of making payments through Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, and Checks or make payments through PayPal or Google Checkout. We do not accept CASH.

31. Do you accept advances? Will I get a receipt for them?

a. Yes

32. Can I make cash payments or advances?

a.  We do not accept CASH under any circumstances..



33. Can I contact the office at anytime?

a. Yes. You may contact us anytime 24/7 either through email / website / chat / Telephone. Our website has the contact details. 


Serving Indian Cities & Suburbs of Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, -More Cities to follow


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