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Enroll / RegisterThe customer initially registers his/her particulars with EstateGard.The particulars relate to email information, property location particulars, contact details.This will help smooth cost effective communication between the customer and EstateGard. This will also help EstateGard to provide the best service. The customer acceptance to general terms is a prerequisite and you can find the details below on the same page. Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...Submit RequestsThe customer submits service requests online. The customer just needs to fill in a form with the required details and the nature of service requested. The form is self explanatory. This will help EstateGard to assess and promptly get back to the customer. Service requests can also be done over phone at our call center. Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...EstimatesBased on the Service request EstateGard analyses the information provided and prepares its best estimate. This estimate provides the cost and time that it will take. Estimates may include cost and our service charges besides an advance as the case may be. EstateGard expects an advance in cases where the total exceeds Rs 2500/-. The advance amount is intended to act as a commitment on the part of the customer. Normally the advance requirement depends on a case by case basis. The customer is emailed with this Estimate for review and approval.Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...ApproveThe customer after getting the email of the estimate may approve or reject the estimate. The email will provide the manner of approval and rejection. EstateGard will not start executing the request unless and until the customer expressly approves the estimate. Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...
Perform ServiceEstateGard will execute the Service Request. Based on the request EstateGard may have to reach out to other  agencies to get the work done. EstateGard assumes full responsibility and guarantee for the service even if other parties are involved in the performance. Upon completion EstateGard will provide details / pictures and other pertinent information to the customer as a proof of completion. Alternatively, customer can also verify the performance from us or tenants or relatives or from third parties.Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...
Email InvoiceUpon completion EstateGard prepares an invoice and emails it to the customer. The customer reviews the invoice and makes the payment. The invoice will include all costs and services less any advances. The email will also provide the manner in which the payment is to be made.Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...
Payment in Cash is not accepted. No Cash payment.Payment can only be made through debit/credit cards using Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover credit cards. through a PayPal or Google Checkout. The invoice email will direct you and help you make the payment.Our FAQ Section has information to some of your questions...
HistoryCustomer will have the ability to view all historical service requests, status, and all transactions relating to his property.
Customer Terms:
Customer Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Notices page published in our website. *[Service Terms & Conditions::::::{EstateGard is a division of Arvees Systems Private limited a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, having its registered office at AJ55, New No 27, Fourth Street, Annanagar, Chennai 600040, India. EstateGard operates, as a separate entity, from 18, Third Cross Road, Sipcot IT Park, Siruseri 603103 India. EstateGard provides property management services to all persons who enroll or register as Customer at http;//…. Arvees Systems Private Limited provides EstateGard with IT systems and application support. ::Both EstateGard and the Customer agree to the following terms and conditions.::(Parties::a. Customer and/or Customer being represented by their heirs, assigns, agents, representatives. (Hereinafter called as “Customer”). b. EstateGard and/or EstateGard being represented by its employees, assigns, agents, representatives. (Hereinafter called as “EstateGard”). ::: Ownership::a. Customer affirms that the property intended to be serviced is / are owned by them and has the necessary authority to authorize EstateGard to provide the intended services. b. Customer is legally competent and has the authority to deal with the subject property. :::Privacy::a. Customer agrees to provide necessary private information that EstateGard may collect or need to perform services effectively. b. EstateGard and or its employees or its agents agrees to use the information exclusively for the purposes of performing services related to the customer. c. EstateGard agrees not to disclose customer information unless authorized by the customer or by the mandate of the government and/or its agencies. :::Permissions:: a.Customer agrees to permit EstateGard or its representatives to see the customer data and also enter the property to perform the intended services. b.Customer also agrees to permit EstateGard to represent the customer with any agency in the execution of any of its services.:::Service requests:: a.Upon submitting a Service Request the Customer expressly authorizes EstateGard to perform the intended services. b.EstateGard will perform the services in the most appropriate way as it deems fit. c.Barring unforeseen circumstances, EstateGard ensures to complete the services in a timely manner. d. The customer agrees to pay for the services rendered or any part services performed thereof. e. The Customer indemnifies all costs and charges incurred by EstateGard and all that are due to EstateGard in the provision of services. :::Service Levels:: a. EstateGard will exercise caution and due restraint in performing its services. b. EstateGard will perform the services in a timely manner, unless it is prevented to do so by any unforeseen circumstances beyond its control. :::Amendments to this document.:: a. Customer and EstateGard agree that the conditions are subject to change from time to time. b. Both parties agree to change or amend any clause in full or part. c. A copy of this and All changes will be promptly notified by EstateGard through their website & Jurisdiction:: a. All disputes are subject to arbitration. Place shall be within the metropolitan limits of Chennai, India. b. For all other matters the Jurisdiction will be the metropolitan limits of Chennai, India. c. Both the Customer and EstateGard are subject to the laws of India and also to the laws of the state where their properties and / or offices are situated.:::Other Matters:: a. The internet is used extensively in the provision of information; hence both parties are subject to the applicable laws governing the Internet and in the use of the internet or whoever provides those services. b. EstateGard uses Google Apps as application that supports the provision of EstateGard services. c. Customer and EstateGard are subject to the terms and conditions of Google as amended from time to time.d. Any inconsistencies in this agreement will be resolved by mutual consent.) :::::::: Place: Chennai, India -Date: Jan 14, 2009, EstateGard…….Customer………………….}]


Serving Indian Cities & Suburbs of Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, -More Cities to follow


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